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Gladys Pichola

Artisan Organization: Gladys Pichola

Country: Central America

Gladys Pichola is a young Guatemalan artisan who creates jewelry with a lesser-known technique known as tatting.

"I learned with my sister's godmother who visited us from Europe. She brought necklaces and bracelets with her. I fell in love with the art and wanted to learn it. Because it is a complicated technique, it took time but, in a few months, I was able to create all kinds of accessories.

"While selling my jewelry in a local market, a young woman approached me and bought many of my accessories. A few months later, I learned the woman was a well known Guatemalan designer who had used my necklaces and bracelets in her fashion shows. This motivated me even more and my passion for tatting continues to grow.

"Now, more people seek out my jewelry, but I believe it's important to remain humble. I feel full of joy and always try to to help people around me. I don't think I've lost my essence and, every day, I continue to work toward my dreams. I work very hard and want you to like my designs and become a part of this dream.

"I love reading history books where I gain inspiration for my designs. Thanks to this, I've mastered different European antique tatting techniques.

"It's an honor when people buy and wear my jewelry, and I love the opportunity to share techniques that aren't so well known in many parts of the world.""