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Artisan Organization: Gio

Country: Bali and Java

"I'm Subagio, though people called me Gio. I was born in Bali, the first of two children. Friends describe me as a simple, kind and honest guy. My parents sell handicrafts in Ubud, and most people in our town make albesia wood carvings with many different styles. We typically make tribal and primitive styles.

"I have worked since I was six years old, by helping neighbors make orders. I learned by doing until I was eleven, and then I could carve wood myself and started peddling my own masterpieces. My father guided me to create a special process of finishing that makes the masks and sculptures look antique, and different from others. From my work, I was able to pay my own school fees until I finally graduated from senior high school. I'm happy I can help my parents and also buy food for our family .

"After I graduated, I worked as a cook in a hotel for six years, and also spent three years as masseur. I took any job that I could, so I could help my parents buy food and help my siblings continue their studies at school.

"I began to focus on carving, since there are many orders for home decor. I collaborate with my parents in making designs, although we have no shop. If there are no orders, we have to peddle our work in Ubud. We use wood as our material and combine acrylic paints and gilt to get the antique look. We just use traditional tools for this, like chisels, mallets, knives, brushes, and sanding paper.

"I hope it you help me in expanding our sales, improving our product quality and also our income, since I really want to make my parents happy and proud.""

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