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GiftsLand - Sapna

Artisan Organization: GiftsLand - Sapna

Country: Nepal

Meet Sapna, the lovely and earnest artisan behind your hand woven Felt Pom Pom Trivet. Sapna joined GiftsLand in 1999 after finishing her required schooling, as she wanted to pursue her creative endeavors. She is extraordinary indeed as she’s been able to fulfill her goals of taking charge of her household by finding a job that allows her to provide for her husband and two kids as well as spend time with them when she’s not hard at work. Her favorite foods are rice, lentils, and pickled vegetables, all of which are a staple to Nepalese cuisine, which she finds comfort in.

One of Sapna’s recent accomplishments was taking advantage of a special no-interest loan that GiftsLands offers its employees to purchase a scooter or bike to commute to work. Sapna was able to purchase a brand new scooter, making her the first in her family to own a vehicle. She says one of her proudest moments was riding the scooter to work the first day after she purchased it. We see how incredible you are, Sapna, and we applaud you for your perseverance and accomplishments!

Nothing says party-time like some pom-poms. Even before they arrived at your door, these festive garlands have been at the center of family gatherings. They were strung together by families, working together in the evenings after long days of school and work to bring some extra prosperity to their households.

The income these families receive by working with GiftsLand to produce your new piece of unique decor is often equal to or more than the wages they earn during the day. The extra work allows them to improve their economic standing, keep children in school, and ensure everyone is healthy and provided for.
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