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Artisan Organization: Fermin

Country: Peru

Latest Update

"We have been working with Novica for over 15 years. My art has changed a lot over time, and I feel so proud. Thanks to our customers’ purchases, we have had a union with our workers for more than 10 years, becoming a family. "Our orders have taken another form. Before we dedicated most of our orders to jewelry in silver, but over time we have been working in bronze. This has been a sustainable means of not losing orders and has brought us good results. The most important thing is that we have managed to have a very professional work team with experience of more than 15 years. We consider as a success the new workshops that have been born from our former workers. With what they learned in the company, they were able to start their own businesses and generate even more employment for the country. It gives us satisfaction to see that our teachings have borne fruit. "In my workshop we have several generations of artisans who work in jewelry. Since 1995 we had our first solid group; and now we see them with their own workshops, and like us, looking for new opportunities. Currently we continue to teach and train new young people, many of whom have an ease of learning and innate talent for this art of jewelry. "In my personal life I have managed to have the maturity to face challenges and demands of the market. As for my family, my two children are in college; one about to finish and the youngest just starting. I feel happy with the achievements I have had and for having my family together. Novica is incredible; they have allowed us to share our Peruvian art across borders throughout the growth process. We feel happy, because despite the fact that sales have not been so great, they have always been present. On the subject of recognition, the best thing is being able to have long-term relationships with our customers."

Original Artist Story

Born in Lima, Fermín Vilcapoma honors his family's legacy with his talented work as a jewelry designer. Fermín has been fascinated by gemstones from a young age. He marks his beginnings as a silversmith to age eleven, when, after school, he'd help his father at the family's workshop.

"I used to go to school in the morning, but I was always daydreaming, creating new designs," Fermín recalls. "After school, I'd rush to my father's workshop to help him or to practice creating my own designs. Jewelry has been all I ever wanted to do, so I saw no point in going to university. I was able to dedicate more time to the workshop when I graduated from high school. We were able to attract more customers then, and the family's business began to increase steadily.

"My designs are inspired by everything I see around me, by the beauty of gems, and by our ancestors' jewelry. I enjoy the creative part most. I love to design, and I am always happy to listen to our customer's opinions and suggestions. I am eager to see what Novica's clients think of my jewelry!""