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Felicita Espinoza

Artisan Organization: Felicita Espinoza

Country: Peru

"I'm Felicita Espinoza La Rosa, born in Peru in 1945. I never took any formal classes in art, and I truly am a self-taught artist. Some time ago, when I was already married, I was working in a shop that sold gilded frames. I fell in love with with this art form, and my husband shared my interest. We decided to start down this artistic path together.

"We learned through experience, and with each piece we crafted, we honed and perfected our skills. Our goal is to ensure you are satisfied with our work. Then, in 2001, my husband passed away and I was faced with the biggest challenge in my life, supporting our family and continuing the work we started together.

"It took a lot of effort to learn, but I discovered that I could actually face all of my responsibilities on my own. My four sons, Juan, Dino Andres, and Miguel Angel, as well as my only daughter, Milagros, have been very supportive. The boys are married now and have their own families. Milagros has stayed with me and has helped me pull through.

"I love being able to create things with my hands — that's why I describe my work as something visible, innovative and original. A funny thing happened once, when I went to Chile to visit some friends. I took them presents I had made, and planned to stay for only a few days. Well, in the end I stayed three months because they were so impressed with the presents I made, that they convinced me to stay and teach them!

"One of the biggest orders I was challenged to make was a large frame: 2.30 x 1.90 meters. It was difficult to finish it, but in the end it was amazing!

"Now I'm offering my art to you. Each design expresses my inspiration, dedication and creativity. They convey this God-given skill that I treasure.""