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Fabiola Gonzalez

Artisan Organization: Fabiola Gonzalez

Country: Mexico

Latest Update

"I love working with leather. As a designer, I have always looked for different ways to exalt the tradition of leather in Guanajuato. I began to search for ways to combine the different traditions of our country, such as the embroidery of Chiapas and Oaxaca.

"I have loved working with you ever since I heard the words ‘worldwide showcase,' and have had the privilege of personally showing you my designs. Our sales have shot up more rapidly than we could have imagined.

"We began in 2018, and I am very happy to see that my sales continue strengthening. I love what I do enormously. My objective is to create awareness that Mexico has the talent to create designs at a worldwide level. I am thankful to everyone for this opportunity to create designs that exalt the name of Mexico."

Original Artisan Story

"I was born in the state of Guanajuato, where leather work has been a tradition for many, many years. I fell in love with our leather handbags as well as the traditional embroidery of southern Mexico.

"I realized I could combine these colors and this technique to create bright and attractive bags with my own personal touch.

"I love my work! My designs project my ideas of creating a fashion accessory that's unique. In this way, I can play with my own creativity and with leather. I have fun and it's fascinating to see how a piece of leather becomes a trendy handbag. I confess, I even dream about crafting bags at night.

"My main source of inspiration is the vast range of colors and combinations that aren't well known. But I've discovered them with the help of textile artisans in Yucatan, Oaxaca and Chiapas. This is how I achieve this innovative look and transmit the traditions of Mexico through my designs.

"It's incredible sharing this fascination with leather with my family. It's wonderful sharing this regional legacy through my work. This is so satisfying.

"My heart's desire is to share my handbags in such a way that people can see a bit of me in every one we create. I can imagine them saying, 'Wow! This is a design by Fabiola Gonzales.'

"I love my work, and my family is what drives me to get up and work every morning from sunrise to sunset.""