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Evelyn Kafui Ahianyo

Artisan Organization: Evelyn Kafui Ahianyo

Country: Ghana

"My ability to work with masks is inborn, and my greatest inspiration is to preserve our rich cultural heritage.

"I'm Evelyn Kafui Ahianyo, born in Accra on September 12, 1965. I have two sisters and a brother.

"My masks are unique because I use my knowledge in design with each one. Initially, I wasn't using lots of different materials, but now I use recycled glass and glass beads, aluminum, brass and more.

"I sit and draw the mask creatively, and come up with the colors that will make it stand out. I'm also good at observing nature and this comes to bear when I have to sit and come up with designs after the mask has been carved.

"Although my masks have cultural references, I try to enhance the looks. In Ghana, mask are seen to have spiritual beliefs attached to them, so most people wouldn't like to even hold them. But with the new coloring and designs, people are now comfortable with masks and are ready to learn more about the history associated with them.""