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Eulalio Alvarado

Artisan Organization: Eulalio Alvarado

Country: Mexico

“Hello! I am Eulalio Alvarado. I have dedicated half my life to working with natural fiber. It began with the teachings of my father, who taught me the basics; and then continued after I encountered some obstacles and was unemployed. In this way, working with vegetable fiber emerged, thanks to the support of my family with whom I grew up; and now with my wife and children. Entrepreneurship is something that has characterized and united us as a family.

“The material we use is 100% natural. One of the communities in the mountains of Michoacan and Guerrero sends us packages consisting of 500 rolls of palm. For me, it is very easy to work them. It is a very noble, versatile material. This material has no limits; it allows you to make different pieces, which results in an authentic and natural result that generates satisfaction. Customers admire our work; that is the important part of the process.

“In addition, it has allowed me to help my community, grow my business and generate sources of employment. Each team member provides not only the necessary help to create pieces, but the essence of doing what they do with passion. There are also challenges, but that is the wonderful thing about it—we take the challenges, have fun and move forward.

“I want to consolidate this great project together with my family. My dad is in charge of making the base of some pieces; and my wife, my mom and my sister adorn the pieces. Finally, I hope to generate more jobs in my community.”"