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Artisan Organization: Ethikos

Country: Thailand

Say hello to Noi! Noi is a wood-working artisan from Thailand who worked diligently on your new pizza board. Noi works for a cooperative in Northern Thailand making tableware with roughly 30 other men and women! These artisans primarily use Acacia Wood, which is native to Thailand. Not only do they make all their products by hand themselves, but they also spend time each year replanting trees in the forests of Thailand to ensure the forest is never depleted!

Ethikos, our partner company responsible for this design, took this small cooperative under its wing and began showcasing the incredible talent of these people to the world, while providing them with a livable wage. Ethikos was started by two Americans, Ben and Katie, while living in Thailand. While in Thailand, they saw a great need among the people for work and were compelled to give back to the community. Now stateside, they import wood tableware from this Thai cooperative and give a portion of their profits back to some of the greatest needs within Southeast Asia