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Estephani Caillaux

Artisan Organization: Estephani Caillaux

Country: Andes

"I'm Estephani Caillaux Montafur. I was born in 1988 in the beautiful city of Cuzco. I always had an eye for gleaming silver and our beautiful Peruvian gemstones, and often wondered how such elegant materials were transformed into jewelry.

"But I felt obligated to major in tourism and hotel management. I didn't enjoy it and I finally gathered my courage to choose what I really wanted in life. I wanted to do something creative, something fun, something where I could be myself. I wanted to dedicate my time to something I liked so much it wouldn't feel like work. My life really needed a dose of happiness. It wasn't an easy decision but I chose to nurture my creative side and express myself through jewelry.

"Silver is a beautiful metal and I love the way it looks. It's malleable and there is so much that can be done with it!

"I was fortunate to take classes in a school in Cuzco where I learned jewelry crafting techniques and discovered my own style.

"Even so, it wasn't an easy path. It required many, many hours of practice until I felt I had mastered this art but I did. All my errors taught me to value this work and I became a perfectionist in this craft. I feel proud to have made it through this entire learning process.

"My beautiful Cuzco with its changing weather contrasts the sierra and jungle with clear skies and torrential rains. Nature here and its essence are my inspiration and this is where I find the energy I need to create my designs. Even so, each one requires time and painstaking work, so each one is unique.

"I would love to have a school some day and offer classes for people who want to learn this lovely art. I would motivate them and help them find their passion in life. I also dream of showing my work in local fairs and international jewelry exhibits where we could all enjoy a cultural exchange.""