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Erna Gendhis

Artisan Organization: Erna Gendhis

Country: Bali & Java

"My name is Erna Suseno, I was born to both parents who are teachers, therefore I really prioritize education and was able to complete my studies university. I have started working in the field of batik hand painting in 2018, because of my interest in native Indonesian fabrics, but I am trying to develop it to be more modern. I really like traveling to visit various beautiful places in Indonesia. Especially areas that can add to my knowledge of native Indonesian fabrics.

"When the pandemic hit the world. All elements of my work were are affected, but the spirit to keep working for the sake of my family has kept me afloat until now. Despite being hit by time constraints, health conditions, and declining sales. Especially if, within all these limitations, the works that I produce are still appreciated by customers. Your mind is powerful, so fill it with positive energy.

"Hand painting batik is a cultural heritage that must be preserved. I want the younger generation to take part in preserving it by wearing it and introducing it to the world. The batik that I produce is done in detail, using vibrant colors and ethnic and unique motif designs. I hope Novica's customers will love my work.""