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Enoch Adjei

Artisan Organization: Enoch Adjei

Country: Ghana

Update (August, 2019)(

"I am a lover of art, and so growing up it was the skill I chose to master. 25 years ago I started learning how to carve, but I seemed to love finishing more. I met NOVICA in 2014 and I thought, finally my dreams are going to be fulfilled--a global marketplace? When I first started, I had to walk all the way from my house to NOVICA because I was so hard up, I couldn't even afford to pay for transport fares. My new products had to go through the approval process, and later they got listed on to the website. Getting my first cheque was such a miracle; I was overjoyed.

"In the beginning, I used to go about designing my works my own way without really taking quality into consideration. NOVICA has taught me to design with the idea of paying attention to quality. I have enjoyed some successes since joining NOVICA; whenever I receive my cheque, I realize there has been some incremental increase in sales. The funds I earn from NOVICA as a result of sales of my artworks goes to taking care of my brother's babies who are twins, because my brother is unemployed. I also have hopes of getting married, therefore I save some of the money for my upcoming wedding ceremony.

"One challenge I have come across is the development of new products--ideas were never easy to develop, but with some of the inspiration provided by NOVICA that challenge has to a large extent been overcome. I have been able to properly furnish my room, and changed my way of life; even my mode of dressing has changed because of my lovely NOVICA. My aim is to grow by developing more unique designs."

Original Artisan Story

"Enoch Adjei is my name. I was born on December 27, 1982, in the Eastern region of Ghana. I am a quiet, polite and hardworking person, a wood-carver and designer.

"I grew up in a community of carvers, and my guardians are also carvers. During weekends and on vacations, I tried my hand at sandpapering carved items. It was a wonderful experience for me. I saw wood in its natural state and how the carvers and designers could transform this wood into something unique. I developed a love for this craft. So, after my basic education, I informed my guardians that I wanted to pursue carving as my career.

"Ernestina Oppong Asante — a Novica-featured artisan who is my guardian — was happy about my decision. She paid special attention in training me, as she knew I could be make a living with this art.

"Because of my passion for carving, it was easy to learn very fast. Starting on my own was not so difficult. I had already observed carving over a long period of time at home and at my guardian's workshop. Their mentoring helped me avoid many mistakes I would otherwise have made. I learned about quality observation on finished masks and sculptures. I sold what I created at the workshop. This helps me to be independent even though I work in the same workshop. Continuous practice has helped me master the skill. I assist new people who come to learn with the basic things they need to know about carving. It is a delight to train someone.

"I use sese, cedar, ebony and tweneboa woods and aluminum plate for my carvings. They are not difficult materials to work with.

"I love animals and love to carve them.""