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Emre Ustun

Artisan Organization: Emre Ustun

Country: Turkey

In order to protect itself during its most vulnerable stage of transformation, the caterpillar weaves a fine protective coating around itself known as the cocoon. A production of pure silk, cocoons are one of nature’s most luxurious miracles.

Continuing a family lineage of skincare production established by his grandfather in 1958, Turkish artisan Emre Ustun creates his own transformations, using a traditional hand loom to weave raw silk into the most delicate of skincare products. Made from 100% raw cocoon silk, your new antibacterial facial mitt gently purifies the face and neck, eliminating lifeless cells and boosting collagen production in your own most vulnerable areas of skin.

Indulge in the unique and fine texture of this ethereal product, letting nature’s intelligence coax out the silkiness of your own protective layer.