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El Tucan Artisan Association

Artisan Organization: El Tucan Artisan Association

Country: Peru

The El Tucan Artisans Association is made up of families that share the same mission: to preserve the Amazon so that it continues to be the green lungs of the world. With great responsibility and love for their sacred Amazonian lands, they organize among themselves to spread their art throughout the world.

Located in the Kukama Kukamiria community of San José de Sarapanga, they create carved wood crafts from palm trees that are constantly reforested, contributing to the preservation of Amazonian biodiversity. In the same way, they optimize resources by using the heart of palm trees as vegetable fiber, to make ornamental pieces that portray the diversity of local fauna. These activities are part of a sustainable economy for each family in the community.

They are the guardians of the Amazonian forests; their ancestral legacy is to contribute to their care and expansion of awareness about their care. Each piece is made with unconditional love for their land, each species of tree and animal, and the planet itself. "