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Eka Devi

Artisan Organization: Eka Devi

Country: Indonesia

"I was born in Bali in 1987. My hometown is famous for its silver crafts and both my parents are silver artisans. I'm the eldest of four children. Growing up among silversmiths, my childhood was spent amid jewelry as I learned to help my parents and neighbors. My father taught me to craft sterling silver jewelry and has been a true mentor for me. He showed me the paths for life and success.

"When I was 17, I began helping my mother sell our jewelry. When I graduated from college, Bali had been targeted by a terrorist bombing. Tourism plummeted and nearly every business on the island collapsed that time. It was a period of suffering for us.

"I began crafting my own jewelry but I underestimated my abilities. Unexpectedly, they were sold in a local market and this encouraged me to improve my skills. I feel so happy and proud to see people buying and wearing my designs.

"People know me as a hard worker, a high-spirited and friendly person.

"I'm married and have a young daughter who always makes me happy when she laughs with her funny attitude. She made me become more responsible for her future because we want her to continue with my workshop one day.

"When listening to instrumental music, I feel so tranquil. Everything that we think is simple can be special and valuable when it's created by the right person and in the right way. Even though this creation can be small and may not be really interesting, once we work on it, we can create something new to amaze people.

"I like creating jewelry with Bali's engraving style. My designs are usually decorated with bun (swirl) and jawan (bubble or silver granule) motifs. I am inspired by Bali's art, culture and paintings.

"I work with my husband, parents and some 25 talented jewelry artisans.

"I hope you can help us to preserve our traditional Balinese silver jewelry.""

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