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Edwin Choquecahua

Artisan Organization: Edwin Choquecahua

Country: Andes

"My name is Edwin Coquecahua. I was born in May of 1985 in the beautiful Vinchos district of Ayacucho. I consider myself to be an honest, punctual, and charismatic man.

"I became interested in this art through my grandfather, who was a weaver. It was he who motivated me when we lived in the countryside. One day, after finishing my primary schooling, I went to the center of Ayacucho in order to begin learning traditional weaving techniques on ancestral looms.

"At the beginning of this journey, I was at the point of leaving everything behind, because I felt that I didn’t have any resources or financial support for all of my projects. On top of that, the political situation in our country was very difficult, as we lived through an era of terrorism.

"My plans and goals for the future are to grow to a new level personally and professionally with the art that I create on hand looms in my native city Ayacucho. My dream is to share my art not only at the local level, but at the global level as well, allowing more people to know the culture of my city and of my country.

"I believe in constant training and preparation; without the challenges of the day-to-day, it is impossible to improve. Because of this, I always work very hard in order to get better results from my art. In reality, I am very committed to sharing and teaching people about my culture and textile techniques in the name of my grandfather. In my workshop, I also teach youths and adults who want to learn and increase their abilities and knowledge.

"Beginning to work on my own was very challenging. You have to work very hard, but with dedication and strength you can achieve great things. I am very happy to share my art with NOVICA and with my family. I work very hard in incentivizing my village to get ahead, helping us to get in touch with our art and culture.

"What I like the most about my textile art are my own designs, since through them I can express my emotions and the culture of my land. My inspiration comes from the heart and from my experiences, full of Peruvian culture. I am inspired and it deeply touches my heart."