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Diah Arini

Artisan Organization: Diah Arini

Country: Indonesia

"I was born in Celuk, renowned for its silversmith legacy though my parents worked for the government instead. They believed it was more important to have an education in order to have a better life, and so I was lucky to be able to go to the university and get a degree in law.

"Unfortunately in Bali, when we women get married, we must move to the man's house and follow what our husband decides. I wasn't able to work in what I had studied and instead I was expected to take care of my husband, my child, and my husband's family. Sometimes I would feel that life wasn't fair, that I could do more than being a stay-at-home mom — I could earn money for myself, my child, and my parents. But I had to accept the reality that my husband was in control of everything.

"And yet there's been another side to this, and luckily I learned how to design and craft silver jewelry since I've been married. My husband and his parents taught me, and I knew that someday it would come in handy.

"2012 represents a new beginning – my new life. I decided to change my life — continue being a wife, but still be able to make money for myself and my children by designing and creating my own jewelry collections. I have put together a little team of artisans to help me and have been finding a way to sell locally. Now I'm trying my luck with you!

"My friends would tell you I'm a humble, calm and friendly person. My parents taught me to have a great life and be useful. My mother taught me that a woman must be strong and independent, not expect too much from her husband, and that she must do something with her own life and for children.

"My jewelry reflects me and the beauty I find in life. Jewelry to me is about being a woman, and every woman wants to feel beautiful. My inspiration comes from Balinese nature, fashion trends, etc. What I often find the most challenging part is selling my jewelry – I'm learning to negotiate! It just takes a little bit of patience while I learn to listen to what shops or people want.

"My team includes a relative as well as other people who I am happy to help ease their economic problems. I heard about you through Indah, another featured artist. I've been happy to get to know your staff – they are really friendly and supportive of my work. By working with you, I hope I can achieve what my mother taught me to be — a self-respecting woman in charge of her own life, who is strong, and can provide for her children.""