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Derian Angga

Artisan Organization: Derian Angga

Country: Indonesia

"My name is Derian Angga. I was born in 1993 in Denpasar, Bali. Yet I spent my childhood in Nusa Dua, because my father used to work in a hotel there. My mother used to work in a Japanese restaurant; but now my parents are not working anymore. They retired a long time ago. After I graduated from junior high school, we moved back to Denpasar. Even though that time was hard, thank God my parents could support my education until I got my bachelor’s degree in Udayana University.

"My childhood was not so smooth; there were many hard moments to go through. One of the hardest moments was when a bomb exploded in Bali in the year 2002. The impact of that bomb was huge; my parents left their jobs. Tourism activity stopped for a long time, and many people lost their jobs. After that bomb my father tried to start his own business. He tried to make bronze sculptures and sell them door to door.

"I also felt the effect of my parents’ inconsistent finances. There was a time when I did not have enough money to go to school. Yet I did not complain; I knew that the money was scarce and I felt thankful that I could still finish school. There were many kids who were not as fortunate as I was. After graduating from college, I worked in Aricanti Hospital as a finance administrator. But I did not work in Aricanti for a long time. I decided to resign and help my father to develop his bronze statue business.

"As a young man running my own business, I have hobbies to overcome stress. Usually I go to the gym, or hang out with my friends. My friends are all supportive of me, even when I get too busy and have no time to hang out. They have always said that I am a funny and humble person. So they feel comfortable when I’m around.

"One day one of my friends told me about NOVICA, and he said that NOVICA could help me to promote my bronze statues. You and NOVICA can expect the quality of the products to always be good, and expect me to create new designs. Thank you!""