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Delfina Ruiz

Artisan Organization: Delfina Ruiz

Country: Mexico

Latest Update

"We have worked with you for some time now, which has taught me in a very special way to listen to my heart. Thank you for the confidence and perseverance in being part of our growth process. Thanks to you, we are creating more and more handwoven rugs and accessories. This has given us the opportunity to provide work for more people who are equally passionate about the traditional Zapotec loom.

"It was a challenge at first to repeat the patterns and to match the colors. Create a unique style that will characterize and identify my work. As a textile craftswoman, I really like to share my weavings. I feel glad when I see people's faces and they like my fabrics and the combination of colors that we use on a daily basis. Each piece we create gives me the opportunity to follow my inspiration and taste for colors. This beautiful tradition is in my veins, and every member of my family works at it.

"We are very grateful for the way we have grown together. You have shown us a new market with many opportunities to continue growing and showing the traditions that define us.

Original Artisan Story

"I'm from Oaxaca where I grew up with my parents, who have been artisans for as long as I can remember. They weave Zapotec rugs and taught me to weave. I perfected the techniques through practice.

"When I was 18, I created my first weaving. It was a rug sample, but I didn't start producing them myself until I had a family of my own. This is the art my parents dedicated their lives to, and it's what I know best. I've been crafting rugs, ponchos, shawls and accessories since 2004.

"I enjoy playing with my children, which is my principal occupation. They are my inspiration. They are the source of my ideas and the reason I want to continue doing what I enjoy so much. Thank you for the opportunity to be here with you.""