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Deepti Lav

Artisan Organization: Deepti Lav

Country: India

"My husband is my mentor and the guiding support in my life. After we married, he encouraged me to find something that I enjoyed doing. And that is handcrafted jewelry.

"While researching, I came across terracotta jewelry. It was fascinating to see how riverbed clay could be transformed into something beautiful.

"Initially, I tried learning this craft by myself, and then took courses. But the real learning started when I organized a team of artisans and set up my workshop.

"My team is made up of women who are my source of inspiration. Their understanding, hard work, and patience shows their passion for handcrafted jewelry. Their strength to keep working even after doing house chores and taking care of children inspires me.

"Apart from our traditional designs in terracotta, I want to work with women who live in rural areas to develop more and different collections. There is a huge gap between what the women earn and the cost of trendy jewelry. I want to help bridge the gap by providing these women with modern, functional designs that showcase their traditional skills. I want to help boost their confidence and provide them with a respectful and sustainable livelihood.""