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Danish Ansari

Artisan Organization: Danish Ansari

Country: India

“My name is Danish and I come from the state of Uttar Pradesh. I belong to a weaver’s family. My father was a very hard working man, and he worked so hard to make sure he gave us the best education. He believed that education is one of the most important assets in life, and this has really proven true as we look back today. At times, I remember that things were not the best financially, but this never affected my father and he continued to do what he does best--weaving.

“After I got my education, I followed suit! I helped my father in his work. I learned from him and slowly we started on our own. Although we are the 5th generation of weavers, we were always working under someone. Finally we had the courage to start on our own, and I am glad to say that we have received many accolades for our work from our customers. We are now able to send our products overseas, and people have really started to recognize us. Today, there are many weavers who are associated with us. One of the most important jobs for me is to make sure that all my weavers are given due respect and proper wages, so they do not suffer like my father did when he was working under other companies.

“We work both on the powerloom and the handloom, and the yarns we use are cotton, viscose, wool and silk. The designs are mostly from the years of experience my father has gathered, and we are also inspired by traditional design.

“Each day is a learning process for us. My father with an experience of over 60 years always has something new and interesting to teach us--it’s is a new experience every single day, and I thank God for giving me this opportunity to create something beautiful with my father. It will really take us very long to reach to the level and expertise that he has, but as they say--we are taking each day as it comes.”"