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Daniela Murga

Artisan Organization: Daniela Murga

Country: Central America

Daniela has been characterized by her immense love for all the cultural wealth of Guatemala. That is why she has dedicated herself all these years to creating and innovating each of her pieces, without neglecting the traditional side of the wonderful Guatemalan fabrics She has worked hand in hand with many artisans and their families, thus providing a new opportunity for all these working women, and allowing them to have a decent and constant income.

All this begins with the need to create innovative and unique approaches that reflect the essence of what Guatemala represents for each of its inhabitants. In this way, not only are quality and beautiful products sold, but we also help preserve all this wonderful art that has been passed from generation to generation. Today, many pieces that were previously made by hand have now begun to be made with machines, leaving aside true art.

Thanks to the elaboration of these products, Daniela has provided many job opportunities to artisans from different regions of the country, many of them living in extreme poverty. Many of them had turned to other tasks, such as agriculture, since weaving was no longer viable. Many artisans have returned to art, thanks to these opportunities. They are very grateful, as it is an art that many learned from their mothers and grandmothers who, from a very young age, were involved in each part of the process of creating works of art with traditional looms.

"It fills me with great satisfaction to know that we have helped many families, and we will continue to do so thanks to the purchases by our clients. Each of the products we make is made with great love and dedication, from the design, to the production of the fabrics. In your hands you can have a totally Guatemalan product, which in each fiber carries tradition, stories and above all a part of the heart of each one of us." "