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Cristaluc - José Javier "Javi" Santiago Ramírez

Artisan Organization: Cristaluc - José Javier "Javi" Santiago

Country: Mexico

José Javier Santiago Ramírez aka “Javi”, is a budding glassware apprentice from Cristaluc. Jose gained interest in crafting glassware from his father, who has actively worked with Cristaluc for more than ten years. Due to his hard work and determination, Jose now earns enough to support his family and his education! He is also hoping to go to university soon. Looking at Jose’s conviction and dedication, the CEO of Cristaluc decided to support his dreams, by offering him a position in the administrative area!

José has crafted the Tall Handblown Glasses with painstaking attention to detail, to reflect an aesthetic reminding you of your summer picnic. Made with recycled glass materials, these glasses are pretty unique, with a delicate touch of color. You will always find the perfect accompaniment in each glass, whether you want to sip wine, cognac, champagne or simply some freshly squeezed orange juice.