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Contreras Family

Artisan Organization: Contreras Family

Country: Mexico

"We are originally from Dolores Hidalgo in the state of Guanajuato. Our father, José Luis Contreras, was one of the pioneers of Talavera-style ceramics in Dolores. Through his teaching and discipline, each member of the family is dedicated to preserving this artisan technique. And we not only teach members of the family, but anyone who sincerely wants to learn.

"It was throughout our childhood that our interest grew in how we could contribute new designs, colors, shapes and items for common use and also for décor. It never ceases to amaze us that something so simple and common that is part of our land — such as clay — can be made so beautiful. It can be transformed into an article that complements your life and, not only that, but it also preserves a centuries-old tradition. I think that is what we are most passionate about in our work as an artisan family.

"The growth process has been a learning process in every way. It has taught us to work hard and to wok together. We review each of the processes of each piece we make and involve ourselves from the heart in each one of them. Our father tells us that this is the only way to achieve mastery in whatever you do. We have also faced challenges but each of them was overcome, with a stronger family bond as the result.

"The clay we use is extracted from the Sierra de Guanajuato, and we use lead-free glazes. We find inspiration in the traditional colors of the Talavera style. We love creating new combinations and improving the fine details in our work. We believe that we'll always have that vision in the workshop.

"We promote a beautiful art for which Dolores Hidalgo is known internationally. We want to further grow our workshop, and continue creating new designs while maintaining this beautiful tradition that characterizes us and defines us as a family.""