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Clara Ramirez

Artisan Organization: Clara Ramirez

Country: Central America

"My name is Clara Verónica Ramírez Campos, and I was born on July 11, 1959, in Heredia, Costa Rica. I am dedicated to the production of glass products with techniques such as vitrofusion, which consists of the fusion of two or more glasses in the oven to get a new piece, give it a different shape, or embellish an existing one.

"All the manifestations of art from different cultures and times have always been of interest to me. However, I started in a self-taught way, researching books and the internet, trial and error. In trying different techniques, I came to work in stained glass and glass mosaics. It was during an environmental campaign, where I had obtained many bottles that were not used anymore. I wanted to do something artistic, functional and to help the environment. I began to investigate the melting of glass, combining different textures, colors and shapes. From that moment I was attracted to what could be done; but above all I was motivated by the fact that I could help the environment.

"This is an art that I love too much, where one can innovate and be 100% creative. It is a challenge that you have to constantly redo and improve, as well as the possibilities of experimenting with such noble materials.

"My son went through a serious illness, which we fought for a long time. I struggled against medical prognoses that condemned him to not being able to walk due to muscular dystrophy. He also could not hear, but thanks to God and the efforts of my whole family, he now walks and listens without any problem. He is a good man; studious and helpful. These were very difficult situations that have reinforced my faith and my love for what God has in store for us.

"I have learned various artistic techniques such as wood painting, pyrography, acrylic painting, porcelain, embossing and leather painting, making leather articles, and dyeing in indigo, applying Japanese techniques of shibori and kamatsus. God has given me many gifts which have blessed me, so that I could win a prize in Creative Entrepreneurship, I formulated a process innovation and presented a new way to reuse glass bottles, using the technique of vitrofusión, where the art and the care of the environment come together giving rise to something different.

"I hope to harvest the planted seed that things can be changed, and that objects are worth reusing to help the planet. It is our duty to leave a clean world, with an awareness of protecting Nature." "