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Artisan Organization: Citra

Country: Indonesia

"I was born into a wood carving family in Bali. People have told me I'm friendly, funny, self-sufficient and fearless.

"My hometown, Ubud, is rich in culture, arts and ideas. I've liked Balinese dancing and traditional musical instruments ever since I was in elementary school, when I used to dance and play instruments for money. Besides performing, I also made crafts and worked in my father's shop.

"After graduating in Denpasar, I got married and had two children – a daughter and son. My husband is a kind person who supports my dreams, allowing me to seek skill training to build my talents. When my husband's business went bankrupt, I was able to help our little family.

"Becoming a mother was a memorable moment for me. I've matured, become wiser and more frugal, and I think about my children's future. Now I really understand how hard it was for my mother to raise us.

"My father taught me to create and design. I learned by observing my father's workers as they did wood carving and crafted furniture. I'll never forget my dad's words. He said, 'Be a risk-taker. Don't be afraid to fail in business. You have to be self-sufficient and believe that every person has their own fortune. People will not look down on you if you succeed.'

"While creating, I'm inspired by the rich art and culture of Bali and Lombok. My favorite art is ate grass-weaving, which is challenging, but very satisfying. I use ate grass and wood to make my creations. Currently, 25 of my father's workers are helping me. We only use manual tools like knives, chisels, mallets, saws and sandpaper. The one feature that makes my creations different from others is the finish.""