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Chechen Wood Design

Artisan Organization:Chechen Wood Design


Siblings Maria and Santiago named Chechen Wood Design after the Chechén tree, which lives to more than 100 years old. Their strategy for the brand is just as lasting—breathing new life into wood offcuts from a furniture workshop, which are too small for furniture, but just the right size for handmade dishes and tabletop accessories. Master carpenters in Guadalajara now combine Mexican artisanal techniques with nine different kinds of wood to create beautiful, sustainable pieces. For a dining room that’s feeling a little meh, try the zebra board crafted from Rosa Morada and Tzalam woods—it’s a perfect platter for charcuterie. Pair it with the Cumaru wood knife, ideal for cutting hard cheeses. Thanks to Chechen Wood Design’s precision, skill and artistry, these pieces will live a hundred years—just like their namesake tree. "