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Carlos Torres

Artisan Organization: Carlos Torres

Country: Mexico

"I was born in an artisan town in Mexico. I've always enjoyed interior decorating, with details and accents as simple as a clay jar, a sculpture or a painting. They can make an impressive change in a room. I'm interested in making others feel this same sensation of beauty and balance as they perceive the peace and stillness of a home.

"I began to acquire technical skills by working in an artisan workshop for six years. My interest in ceramics and sculpture began to grow when I realized I could create my own designs.

"I love it when I'm designing and the results exceed my expectations. When a shopper likes my work, that moment of delight is indescribable.

"Each day, I strive to strengthen my commitment so that, through my workshop, I can give jobs to others in my community. This is why I look after every detail of each décor item I create, and I always try to delight the shoppers.

"One of the moments I most enjoy is when we have a lot of work. We're challenged to finish the orders by a certain date and face the pressure of meeting our goals as a team.

"Starting out on my own wasn't easy, especially being patient with myself as I learned each step of each technique until it became habit. This was necessary to be able perfect my skills and bring my designs to life.

"For my sculptures, I usually use scrap metal, wood and wax from businesses that no longer need it. In this way, we reduce the environmental impact.

"I love working as a team with every colleague in my workshop. This has let us learn more.

"We hope to expand the workshop in the near future, increase our goals and generate more jobs. This is my legacy for my family.""