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Carlos Gonzalez

Artisan Organization: Carlos Gonzalez

Country: Andes

"Hi, I'm Carlos Enrique González Elera and I was born in Lima on August 19, 1953. My father was my guide in the world of art. He was a jeweler and worked at his craft day and night. I was curious about it but didn't really give it much attention. As an adult, I'd go to the mountains to trade scales for grams of gold. And this is how I became enthused about jewelry. One day, I stayed watching my father and he suggested I pay close attention to what he was doing. In this way, I began to learn each detail of every piece. I never attended workshops or courses, as my father was my teacher, although he never gave me a formal class. I learned myself by observing, and never let a single detail get past me.

"These days I get up at night and sit quietly, letting new ideas come to mind, one after the other. I haven't stopped creating, I'm always searching. My friends always ask me how to make something and I'm not selfish with my skills. I love to teach what I know and pass on this knowledge. We are all a source of life. I love to make things that are modern and to generate new things. Just from looking at the trees I get an image and an idea to create. And so I go through life looking at all that is lovely.

"I've dedicated myself to this art for more than 25 years. The pleasure I get from my work is what motivates me to share the beautiful things in life.

"My greatest challenge has been to get ahead on this difficult path and to face it with all I've got. I hope all of you like my designs. I offer them with all my heart, with love in each and every one.""