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Carlos Castillo

Artisan Organization: Carlos Castillo

Country: Mexico

Latest Update

“We have known Novica for a little more than a few months, and I must say that the result has been very satisfactory. It is a very exciting platform that allows us to promote our work in a modern and trendy way.

“I must say that working in Mexican art is very, very rewarding. We have come across our pieces in some airports in other states. How they got there would be very exciting to know!

“We are sure that this is the beginning of a great adventure. And by the hand of Novica, it will be exciting to reach more people in the world. I feel very proud of the family business that has been formed, since my wife and children are the ones who are leading this beautiful project.”

Original Artisan Story

"One of the main reasons I decided to work full-time at this art my community is known for was the need to support my family. I was attracted by the materials and also the process, which lets us express our feelings.

"I began to feel a passion for all of the details in crafting our traditional Talavera-style ceramics my community is known for. It took daily practice and observing so many ceramists who let me learn from their knowledge, but I realized that this is not an easy art. I took some formal courses and workshops in Mexico and abroad.

"I consider myself a dedicated and creative man. These traits are two of my greatest tools to continue creating original designs.

"We use materials from the region such as clay and sand. We use sustainable packing material that is friendly for Mother Earth.

"A personal touch I apply to my work is a crackled glaze, which gives it a bohemian air. Sometimes shoppers think the ceramics are cracked or broken, but I love to share each one of my designs with them.

"Setting up my own workshop was challenging, because creativity must be renewed constantly. Once the creation is finished, the idea moves on to the next design. This should be a process that never ends. This part is crucial so that one's inspiration grows stronger. One source of motivation for me is my family; they have been with me in every moment of my daily growth.

"My family is also an important part of my workshop, and we all work together. Quality is more important to us than quantity, and this stimulates our project. We are able to give work to others, and hire very creative women who demonstrate their talent in their work.

"Our common goal is for our ceramics to be known in other parts of the world. We hope you like them.""