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Artisan Organization: Candradewi

Country: Bali and Java

"My name is Anak Agung Sagung Mas Candradewi, but I am usually called Candradewi by my friends. I was born in Denpasar in 1982. Even though I was born in Denpasar, which is the capital city of Bali province, my home was in the southeast of Denpasar. It was far away from the city crowd. In my place there was still a wide paddy field, and the air was still so clean. The neighborhood was quiet and happy. My father was a doctor and my mother was a midwife. When I was a little kid, my parents were so busy. My father worked at Sanglah Hospital in Bali, and also a lecturer in a university. I am the youngest of five children. Even though I am the youngest, my parents did not spoil me. They still taught me discipline, and did not go easy on me.

"Since I am the youngest child, my parents did not want me to go far, so I finished my studies in Bali until I graduated from college. And then I married a handsome man. Thankfully, we have been blessed with three sons. My husband is the one who introduced me to silver jewelry. At first, I was so stressed, since making a design for silver jewelry was not so easy. Fortunately, my husband is a patient man; he did not give up on teaching me. And now I fall in love making a new design; I love this work.

"My husband and I have been doing this craft for years, and we have hired many people. Now we have 35 male workers and 10 female workers to work at our workshop. The journey has not been completely smooth. My children are always the reason why I do not quit. Seeing them grow up healthy and in a good environment is priceless. Everything I have done is for them.

"As a wife, a mom with three children, and a business woman, sometimes I feel stressed. I usually do yoga to relax my mind and body. Doing yoga is one of my priorities since it helps me to calm my mind and makes my body fit. Making a simple and beautiful design is not always easy. I hope that you can help me to promote my work to the world. I promise to always give you my best designs." "