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Artisan Organization: Budiharta

Country: Bali & Java

"I was born in 1992 in Celuk in Gianyar, Bali, a village known for silver crafting. I am the second and last child of my family. My father is also a silversmith, unlike my mother who works in a government office. Growing up in Celuk when I was a kid was fun. I used to play with friends in the river and paddy field areas. It was fun because the river had clear and refreshing water.

"Living in an area of many silversmiths got me accustomed to silver materials and hard tools. Since elementary school I would watch my father working with silver. Even though my father is just a silversmith, my parents were able to pay for my education until I got my bachelor’s degree from Udayana University in Bali. However, getting closer to silver slowly brought up my interest to be a silver artisan. Yet, after graduating from college I did not directly become a silver artisan. I chose to work as an administrator in a small company.

"As I was working at that company, I realized that many of the art shops in Celuk which used to sell silver jewelry had now changed into something else. For me, Celuk silver is a heritage that needs to be kept alive. So I decided to help my father and take care of the art shop. Learning to manage an art shop while thinking about new designs is new to me, but I am enjoying it. When a design is created, I then ask my assistants to copy and produce it. I have 5 male workers and 2 female workers.

"The benefit of living in Celuk is that I can easily get the materials. Not just the silver, but also the other components such as gemstones of any kind and pearls in any shape and size. There are many silver artisans in Celuk, yet new designs are always appearing; it’s because Celuk silver artisans never stop learning new things in design. I am also always learning and searching for new inspiration to be put in my silver jewelry. I love making an old motif such as jawan, and then combining it with some modern design.

"Fortunately, I found out about NOVICA, and they welcomed me to join. I am thankful that they are also concerned about the heritage of Celuk silver. I hope NOVICA can help me introduce my silver to the world, and also preserve the legacy of my people." "