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Bertha Vera

Artisan Organization: Bertha Vera

Country: Peru

"I'm Bertha Vera Huaman and I was born in Cuzco in 1981. I consider myself to be very hardworking, sincere, punctual and dedicated.

"I became involved in silverwork through a family member who created silver jewelry. He needed an assistant to help him in his workshop and this is how I began learning. I also began training by enrolling in different courses and workshops where I learned a lot about jewelry.

"Little by little, I fell in love with silver and gemstone jewelry. However, it wasn't easy to become a silversmith and I had to overcome many obstacles. There were many times when getting work was very difficult and it still is.

"The challenging times have tested my strength and motivation to get ahead. My family has been most important in all of my work and growth. They have always supported me and work with me whenever possible.

"I enjoy starting on a new piece of jewelry and setting the silver with gems. For me, it's a very beautiful process because I have be mindful of every detail to achieve the desired result and quality.

"I find great inspiration in landscapes, nature, and the flora and fauna of my dreams. When I awaken, I try to reflect these ideas in my work.

"I hope to one day have a bigger workshop and sell more of my designs around the world.

"I'm very grateful to you for opening the doors to the world for my designs. I want the art of Cuzco to be appreciated not only for its quality but also for its Inca heritage."

Bertha Vera received the Cuzco Arts Award in 2019."