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Belmont Setiawan

Artisan Organization: Belmont Setiawan

Country: Bali and Java

"I grew up in Jakarta with my family. My father was an aircraft engineer and my mother was an English teacher. I have one sister and she's an architect. I've had a wonderful life with my family. They are so kind and loving to me.

"In Java, people are very warm and parents treat their children with love. My parents were the best. Our home was beautifully decorated and unique, which gave a very nice aura to life there.

"Now I'm married and we have a lovely daughter. I began my career as an engineer, and worked for some years in different companies before I decided to work on a project of my own.

"This meant getting out of my comfort zone. I didn't quit my job as an engineer immediately because I had to have an income while I developed my ideas. At the beginning, we had nothing to start but, finally, we were able to overcome all obstacles to open my own ceramics workshop.

"I now have artisans who collaborate with me and I manage the whole process. The artisans take on different kinds of work based on their capabilities. My focus is crafting decorative items and tabletop items in ceramic.

"We buy the clay from a local supplier and we craft our designs by hand with the help of some motorized tools such as an electric potter's wheel and kiln.

"We use natural materials for our ceramic work and they contain no harmful elements. The motifs and trim receive a special treatment with high quality food-safe glazes and mineral oxides.

"Our design motifs pay tribute to our heritage and culture and exalt the material as well. The sense of our culture and the skill of our ceramists are some of our strengths. We have received recognition and awards from Ministry of Small Entrepreneurship and Cooperation.

"We hope you like our work.""