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Artisan Organization: Ayu Puspita

Country: Indonesia

"My name is Ayu Puspita. I was born and raised in Celuk Village, Gianyar, where the majority of the people are in the silver craft business. My parents were silversmiths and businessmen. Initially, my father was a teacher and my mother worked in a hotel. However, since the development of Celuk Village as a silver center, my father and mother focused on pursuing silver as their main job. Since I was little I have been used to seeing people around me working on silver jewelry. So I was easily interested in pursuing this business. My parents and the environment were indirectly my best teachers.

"I am married and have two sons. Being a parent makes me happier because children are a source of encouragement for me throughout the day. Besides that, I also became more appreciative of time because watching children grow and develop is a priceless moment. I can no longer waste time like when I was in college. Therefore now I really value time--for me, time is money. As much as possible I do not procrastinate on a job.

"I had a funny but very valuable experience while running this business. Once, I misinformed a buyer. I informed the price which was much cheaper than it should be. Then the buyer bought up my goods so I lost a lot. It made me laugh at myself, but it became a lesson for me to be more careful in the future.

"I am directly involved in the design. I am inspired by the current market trends and I combine that with Balinese traditions. Most of my designs are inspired by plants and twigs. Since ancient times, silver has been used as a material for making tools and means of praying for Hindus in Bali. So silver crafts in Bali will always be closely related to Hindu culture in Bali.

"My parents introduced me to Novica. They have been with Novica for a long time. From them, I learned that the digital era is now very promising. I hope this opportunity can come to me." "

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