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Ayu Ary

Artisan Organization: Ayu Ary

Country: Indonesia

"I was born in Bali, the second of two children. My father works as a driver. In my village, many neighbors work as bone carvers. Like other children in my village, I went to school and graduated from senior high school.

"After high school, I married my husband. He is a great bone carver and he introduced me to the art of carving. After learning the technique and practicing a lot, I started making jewelry from bone. "When I made my first earrings, I tried to make a great pair. I used the best material, pictured the design, then combined it with gemstones to make it even prettier.

"At first, I made earrings and hairpins. Later, I made necklaces and bracelets. We now use other materials as well, including water buffalo horn and wood.

"My husband and I are happy and we're blessed with three children. Being a parent is a great feeling for me. Raising children is a lot of hard work, but it also brings a lot of joy. Many things have changed. I learned how to be more patient and responsible. I also strive to be a better person so I can be an example for my kids.

"Being a mother means I don't have much time to enjoy myself, but I can still practice my simple hobbies. I love gardening and reading because I don't have to spend money or take time away from my family to enjoy them.

"Although my life now seems happy, there were times when I felt low and even dead inside. When my mother passed away, it was really shocking and my grief was deep. My youngest child was sick with a fever and had convulsions until she fainted. That was really hard to face. Thank God, my children are now all healthy and happy.

"Sometimes life isn't easy and, when going through hard times, we need to keep telling ourselves that we can do it. I have words that always get me through — 'Do your best, as hard as you can, and results will follow.'

"I'm inspired mostly by nature and the beautiful Balinese culture that surrounds me, and a have four artisans who assist me in the workshop. The materials we use aren't hard to find, and the equipment we use — like saws, grinders and polishing machines — aren't complicated.

"I hope introducing my jewelry online will increase my sales so that I can provide good meals, a good education, and good healthcare for my family.""

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