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Astiti Pratiwi

Artisan Organization: Astiti Pratiwi

Country: Bali & Java

"My name is Astiti Pratiwi. I am the eldest of 2 children. I was born to parents who worked as silversmiths; they have been pursuing silver crafts since the 90s. At that time, marketing was done through local residents, domestic tourists and foreign tourists who came to visit Celuk Village. Our village is famous for its silver crafts; many home businesses are engaged in making silver jewelry. I am interested in pursuing this field because since childhood I have seen the activities of my parents. I am directly involved in both the design and production. It made my desire to learn and develop this craft even greater.

"In this learning process, I faced many obstacles and failures. However, from my failures, I have learned and been able to improve myself from the mistakes I have made. In this life, I can find peace when I surrender and pray and be grateful for what happened. I believe that in every difficulty there is an easing. I learned from the phrase, 'You will only fail when you stop trying'. This sentence has always been my encouragement so that I can achieve the goals I want.

"As a craftsman, I am inspired by plants combined with Balinese traditions. Some of the motifs are already well known in foreign countries. As a young person, I am obliged to maintain and preserve crafts that have been carried out for generations. By pursuing it with my heart I'm sure I can continue it. The designs that I make are simple and comfortable designs that can be used every day.

"I got to know of Novica from my parents who are also Novica artisans. I hope Novica can be the answer to my question about introducing and marketing my designs to foreign countries." "

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