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Asri Paramita

Artisan Organization: Asri Paramita

Country: Bali & Java

"My name is Putu Asri Paramita. I was born in Denpasar in 1986. I'm the youngest child of six children. My father was a school stationery seller and my mother also helped him. I now live in Celuk Village, Sukawati Gianyar with my husband and children. I have been blessed with two very cute children. I hope and pray that my children grow up well, able to make wise decisions, confident, and happy. They don't have to continue my business; they can choose to be anything they want.

"I started making crafts in 2008 while in college. At that time I started learning to assemble accessories. I bought a book about accessories and tried to make a few things. I really love things related to jewelry, and it helped to support my family. In the beginning there were many challenges that I had to face. I have to start everything from scratch because I contribute all elements of the work, from design and production to packaging and marketing.

"Working in rural communities has allowed me to help my community recover techniques that they are losing and enhance their daily income. I help them work in teams, and in this way they are able to have a permanent source of income that helps them improve their quality of life.

"My inspiration comes from just when I start sketching. I think of it as an outward expression of a stream of consciousness. Other times it's the mixing of ideas as I look back at my sketches, or simply the release of ideas that have been in my mind but can't fully emerge, allowing my creativity to flow again. I present an exclusive collection with a beautiful blend of silver, 18K gold and gemstones.

"I live by the phrase, 'The first step is you have to say that you can. Stop doubting yourself, work hard and make it happy’." "