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Arlyng Mantilla

Artisan Organization: Arlyng Mantilla

Country: Central America

"Nature is part of our day-to-day life. We must take very good care of our environment, take care of the oxygen we receive from her, and transmit this commitment to our future generations.

"It's important that we raise the consciousness in the young people, because I live with the hope that we can eliminate all the pollution on the Earth and leave our children with a beautiful and healthy place to live.

"I'm Arlyng Mantilla. I was born in Venezuela, however I've lived in Costa Rica for many years. Being far from my country hasn't been easy but I was enchanted by the people here from the moment I met them.

"When I was quite young, I discovered my passion for art through dance. I think it flows in my veins. Then little by little, I began falling in love with silverwork. I began researching the art and fell more deeply in love as I learned more and more, and my imagination took flight. I began crafting my first small designs and people liked them.

"Every new design brings its own challenge. It's fascinating to face them. As time went by, I gained experience and this is reflected in my jewelry.

"Here, I present my current collection, all inspired by the beauty of nature. Each piece of jewelry has a unique touch and all are handcrafted with much dedication. I hope you like my work.""