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Ark of Crafts

Artisan Organization:Ark of Crafts


Ark of Crafts represents the selective works of highly regarded artists from the Anatolian region (Turkey). We are traveling all around Anatolia to connect the artisans preserving the ancient crafts, the talented young artists blending traditional and contemporary, and works of women NGO’s. Our reason for being is to bring you these special people, their unique and high quality products designed and produced by hand with ultimate care and the authentic stories. For you it will be an exotic journey, an authentic meeting with the artisan who created the beautiful piece with love and the feeling of supporting the artisans in Turkey. We work with fair trade principles. We purchase the products directly from the artists and craftsmen or NGO’s at their asking price. The final retail price covers the cost of transfer, warehousing, packaging, marketing, customer service, sales and shipping. We reinvest the profit to develop new artisans network, sourcing new products and to build new markets and partnerships all around the world. Since our launch we have been featured in the most upscale periodicals for foreigners; The Guide İstanbul, Cornucopia Magazine, Time Out İstanbul."