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Antonio Rojas

Artisan Organization: Antonio Rojas

Country: Peru

"Hola. I'm Antonio Rojas Colmenares and I was born in Ancash on January 28, 1970. Following our family tradition, I live my life amid wood and patterns to cut it into shapes. I then carve them and, although the work is done by hand, I try to give them a perfect finish. I join the pieces and then sand them to get rid of any imperfections. Next, I apply a base of chalk and latex to cover the wood's pores. I love to paint the colors after a careful and exquisite selection. I do this with very fine brushes in different sizes. Finally, I fix the tonalities, give the piece a sheen and add a layer of matte lacquer for an antique effect.

"My pieces are filled with life from the olden times and reflect the style of vintage pieces. Although those times are gone, I continue with that tradition so as not to lose our identity. I try to transmit my love for life and for nature – its flowers, birds and all the rich flora and fauna of our country.

"I'd describe my work as life itself, and my existence together with it. When I was only 17, I created my first piece in wood and it was a great pleasure, an immense satisfaction for its esthetic. Today I haven't stopped practicing my art as it guides my hands toward what my thoughts decide in that moment of pleasure as I stand before the wood.""