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Anita Jo

Artisan Organization: Anita Jo

Country: Bali & Java

"My name is Anita Jo. I was born in 1970 in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. People say that I am an easygoing, eccentric, and humble person. I grew up in a loving and supportive family. My parents especially made me the person I am today with their positive advice. One piece of advice that I will hold on to for the rest of my life is, ‘Treat people how you want to be treated.’

"I was an architect with a designer’s soul. It all started with the burning passion I've always had to use traditional patterns to create fashion items, such as bags that are designed to uniquely match the demands of people internationally while also promoting the beauty of my beloved country, Indonesia. I was once told by someone that I had no skills in running a business and that I was never going to find success in my life. Luckily, at that low point, I was able to prove to everyone that I was capable through the positive impact that I created from this business.

"The bags that we sell originate from Aceh, Sumatra. Back in the day, only Sumatran mothers made bags. They were heartbroken and frustrated when a massive tsunami wiped out most of their land. In an effort to promote Indonesian culture, we wanted to help these mothers by providing them with orders to support their families and fulfill their daily needs. All Sumatran bags must feature embroidery.

"My daughter has the potential to run this business, since she has the same taste in fashion as I do. I hope that my family and I are helpful to other people and that we are successful in our business so that we can help more and more people in need. We aimed to help Sumatran mothers survive when they were suffering from the tsunami back then. We also contribute to a monthly charity for WWF, as well an orphanage.

"I was interested in the variety of vibrant colors combined with neutral backgrounds that only these bags have. This interest led me to search for someone who was willing to collaborate with us. I usually draw a specific design that I would like the workers to make and then specify the colors that I want, letting their magic hands create the masterpiece. The materials are mainly from what is called 'Kain Prada' by the locals, which can be found in Sumatra. Each and every bag that you purchase is made with pure love and compassion; we hope you can feel the positive aura when you wear it!" "