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Andes Traditions

Artisan Organization: Andes Traditions

Country: Andes

"Every thread, every stitch and every piece of Peruvian aguayo cloth is made by hand with care. Handwoven in the Andes, these are textiles for you with a story to tell. Our Cooperative's goal is to make quality products that are both comfortable and practical.

"These wonderful designs are made by and for people who want to have a part of the Andes and are happy to welcome a piece of our ancient tradition into their space. They are beautiful, high-quality pieces of art that are comfortable and practical. We believe that investing in handmade textiles is an important way to support local economies and sustainable development.

"Supporting our local economy is important for us to preserve ancient textile traditions so that future generations continue preserving this art while living in a more sustainable way. These unique quality creations are perfect for making your life more exciting and memorable.""