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Anak Agung Ary

Artisan Organization: Anak Agung Ary

Country: Bali and Java

"I was born in Peliatan in 1957. Peliatan is a very famous art and tourist village. There were so many traditional craftsmen who lived and grew up in Peliatan. I was born into an artistic family. My father is a sculptor and my mother is a housewife. I am the eldest of five children. Since childhood, I have been accustomed to being independent and struggling alone to earn a living. I only went to junior high school in Ubud. I started working in the 1st grade of junior high school. At that time, my father taught me about sculpture and I followed in his footsteps. I also studied painting from my brother, who is in the field. I started an art shop business several times. I also once owned a chicken farming business. But I chose to pursue sculpture because my parents directed and taught me. Besides that, it's also because of the environment where I work, which is mostly engaged in the arts.

"My wife passed away in 2014. I have to raise two children by myself; one boy and one girl. I feel I have more responsibility to raise them alone. I really like soccer and table tennis when I have free time.

"Life was very difficult when I was in the chicken farming business, which at that time I started with one of my brothers. Because of a hurricane, my business was ruined. But the hardest thing I've ever experienced in my life was when my wife died. The world felt shattered. But I had to get up and go on, and I still had to raise my kids. I believe that, whatever happens in life, we must remain grateful and try.

"For me, the most challenging pieces are the works of art that contain Balinese traditions and culture. I am involved in everything, both in the design process and in the production of my artwork. I produce my work, assisted by two men who are part of the family and 8 male workers. In general, I divide their work based on the abilities they have. All the work processes go well because all the tools and materials are easily available.

"The works that I create are generally related to the arts and culture of Bali. So by creating works of art with the theme of my culture, I indirectly preserve Balinese culture. I usually visualize this Balinese tradition in sculptures, paintings and other items. Traditional artworks are very attractive to foreign guests because of the antique colors and patterns they produce.

"My friends know me as funny, sociable and friendly person. I like to chat and discuss interesting things. One of my friends informed me that Novica could help craftsmen like us. I hope Novica can help me market my products to the international arena." "