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Ana Cristina Llapa

Artisan Organization: Ana Cristina Llapa

Country: Andes

Ana Cristina Llapa was born in Lima on October 31, 1959. From the time she was a child, she spent most of her time drawing. "I drew everything I saw," she recalls. "I had always wanted to find a place to learn jewelry design, but I didn't find one that seemed right. Finally I discovered the Giorelli School of Art and Design. I studied there full time for two years and I loved learning design and craft techniques.

"After finishing there, I followed my husband, who traveled frequently to Bogota. There I gained experience in jewelry workshops. It was wonderful." Llapa learned a lot and she is adept at every technique.

"Each stone gives me the inspiration for a jewelry set. When I see gem, I then draw the design. Finally, I craft the piece. I work at it during the day, and my wonderful husband helps me with my creations.

"I love being able to show my designs, and I'm happy when someone admires my work. I enjoy talking with them about fashion trends and creating custom designs for different personalities. I love to get feedback on my designs, and to know that people feel better when they see and wear them.""