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Artisan Organization: Amantaní 

Country: Peru

"Weaving is one of the oldest traditions of families in rural Andean communities. It represents the richness of cultural heritage and is a channel for sharing unique creativity with other people around the world.

"Our Amantaní project began in 2014, relying on the skills that fathers and mothers had transmitted to their children: Andean textile art. Over time, these skills were strengthened through the craft workshop at the Albergues in Ccorca.

"In this beautiful project, 44 female artisans and 1 male artisan transform wool into beautiful and colorful hand-woven bracelets and suitcase tags, made using the macrame technique.

"Each of the artisans is an invaluable member of the Amantaní team. Their dedication and loyalty to the project has helped us maintain strong relationships with the extended community in Ccorca, Cusco.

"Through this project, a source of income has been created for the artisans, who have a limited number of job options. Likewise, this project contributes to the financial sustainability of the organization that created Amantaní.

"The artisans of Amantaní represent in their fabrics the courage, strength and empowerment that characterizes them. United, they have formed a solid team that works for the common good and for the personal and professional development of all."