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Alfredo Inga

Artisan Organization: Alfredo Inga

Country: Andes

Alfredo Inga was born on July 18, 1960, in Catacaos in northern Peru, considered the "City of Filigree." At the age of eleven, he began to learn the art with friends who taught him little by little.

"I enjoyed it because a jeweler's work is a delicate art, and I was able to create beautiful pieces for women," the artist recalls. "My inspiration comes from nature, especially from flowers. First I design a piece, then I carefully craft it."

After winning a prize for his jewelry, Sr. Inga was awarded a scholarship to study with a professor from Israel.

"I really enjoyed the course because I learned new and different techniques. I was one of the best students, and they offered me the chance to teach the art of filigree in Israel. But I love Peru too much to leave. I decided to stay here, near my family, and carry on the craft." "