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Aldo Alvarez

Artisan Organization: Aldo Alvarez

Country: Mexico

"Hi! My name is Aldo, and I am originally from San Pedro Nayarit. My love for the art of pottery comes from my architecture studies, and mainly from my taste for Mexican traditions. My inspiration comes from everything around me: from the people I love, from nature and from my culture. All of this has the potential for years of creation. They are always in constant change.

"I mainly work with barro bruñido, but for the past couple of years I have started to work with some alternative materials such as ceramic, clay, and turned wood.

"I love my work and I would like to do it until the end; and through it I would like to contribute something to society. And show a little of my fascination and passion for the Mexican cultures of the past.

"Being involved in craft work of this kind is very exciting, fun and motivating for me. I know perfectly well the results that will come of my efforts, and that motivates me to be someone better every day. I also love having the freedom to work on my own schedule and create new things in my own time, which allows me time to be with the people I love.

"The most challenging thing is to continue working with joy, dedication and love every day of my life. I try to think of each day as if it were the first, and, at the same time, the last. I believe that this art requires honesty, dedication and commitment, as well as being attentive to every detail.

"I see my work as an opportunity to generate sources of employment for my community, as well as contribute to giving a better image to my country, by exporting quality products worldwide and promoting the traditional art of my land." "