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Aguilar Artisan Workshop

Artisan Organization: Aguilar Artisan Workshop

Country: Mexico

"We're the Aguilar Artisan Workshop, a family ceramic project in Mexico. Our specialty is polychrome terracotta.

"Each member of the family participates in the crafting process and we create the images that fascinate us most. We consider ourselves to be in love with quality in its maximum expression.

"We believe we have art in our blood and, from the time we were children, we've been learning this craft little by little.

"Polychrome clay is a technique that shows off the most beautiful colors against natural red or red-brown clay. Although we work the clay in the traditional way, the techniques have changed over time.

"The raw clay is dug from a nearby hillside and is ground, sifted and mixed with water. It is kneaded for half a day before we place it in recipients in a cool place to repose for 24 hours.

"One of the greatest challenges I've faced is the constant discipline this art requires. It demands continual learning, time, effort and a small dose of faith.

"Our everyday life is our main source of inspiration — family and all that surrounds us in this beautiful country of Mexico.

"We hope to share our passion for this art in the best way possible — through our designs.""