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Tribal Soapstone Tealight Holder
Tribal Soapstone Tealight Holder

Tribal Soapstone Tealight Holder

$26.00Guest price
$20.80Member price

Tea lights are a great way to add accent light to an indoor or outdoor space. These natural soapstone tea lights, hand-painted with tribal African motifs add a chic look to the product. Soapstone is a naturally occurring metamorphic rock, which is soft and malleable, easy to hand-carved into desired shapes and forms.

Soapstone carving is a signature craft of artisans at Salom Enterprise in Kenya, apart from which they also make jewelry and hand-woven baskets. Salom Enterprise was established in 1994, and today works with over 800 artisans. Salom has made a great impact on the artisan communities in the region, by providing them with a consistent source of income, and investing in other facilities such as schools, health care and water harvesting systems.


    • Measure 1-1/4” high x 1-3/4” diameter

        Handmade in Kenya and fair trade imported.

        * Due to the artisanal nature of this product, color and size may vary.


        Artisan Organization: Salom

        Country: Kenya

        "Salom was established in 1994 by Pauline Ntombura. Pauline grew up in Kisii, a village in southwest Kenya. With an opportunity to move to Cambridge, UK, Pauline started selling handmade soapstone sculptures from Kenya at local stores and boutiques. The demand for these unique sculptures, gave her the inspiration to work with the artisans back in Kenya. Today Salom Enterprises employs about 800 people from Kisii and the coast provinces of Kenya as well as slums in Nairobi, 50% of which are women. Apart from soapstone sculptures, artisans at Shalom make a variety of handmade products such as jewelry and woven baskets."

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